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Bonrix Sales Order Automation Using Android App
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Counter Description

Online Food Ordering

Software Features:-

  • Fast ,User friendly and light weight.
  • It decrease's time for generating any type of Invoice.
  • Different accessible rights distribution between admin, company, store, billing counter and customer .
  • Real time data of today's total revenue, Invoice generated, sell cost of company.
  • Graphical representation of top Items Sell and sell on different store in last 10 days .
  • Easier to add, update and delete any product with Image upload facility .
  • Fast response time during invoice generation for customer.
  • Software is linked with android app for online customer.
  • It comes with Excel, CSV, PDF and Print facility.
  • Works on tablet ,desktop efficiently.

A Online Food Ordering Restaurant menu based App & Web provides a cost-effective solutions for restaurants wishing to provide Online Food Ordering and Mobile Food Ordering system to their Customers.

  • Dashboard :- :- It gives information about today's invoice ,Sell cost, Tax Total, Today's Revenue. It also gives graphical representation of Item wise sales, category wise, item(%) and last 30 days revenue.
  • Sales Summary:-It provide information of sale between starting date and ending date with view product facility. If the sale is not or counter is close it will show zero in sale on that particular date.
  • Sales Total By Date:-It gives information of sale date wise between starting date and ending date.
  • Today Sales by Categories:-It gives Information of current date sale category wise with item category name.
  • Today Sales by products:-It gives Information of current date sale item wise with item name.
  • Sales By Categories:-It gives information of sale category wise between starting date and ending date.
  • Sales By Products:-It gives information of sale Product wise between starting date and ending date.

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